About Visus Ltd

Our History

VISUS Ltd was founded in Macedonia 1993 as a Retail & Market counter and today it is a leading import in Macedonia, witddh an annual turnover of over $3 million. The major business areas of VISUS include jewelry and fashion brands retailing and distribution. VISUS become an industry leader, much owing to our commitment to putting customers ahead of everything and offering a wide array of products and quality services through innovative retailing. We have gained a good word of mouth for our quality products which we have been importing according to the market likings.




Our Mission

Our company mainly focusing in Macedonian’s market, our products are being used in Macedonia. The goodwill of our products is high in the market. As a result of market survey we have a large quantity of loyal customer as well as potential customers. There is continuous communication with the customer (promotion) to increase the quality and performance of existing products. On the basis of past experience there are good expectations with the new products. Now we are about to launch a new innovative, ground breaking, new unique product in the market which is currently not available so we are having no competitors for our new product line called TW Steel.




Demographic environment

Demography is the study of human population in terms of age, gender, household size, family life cycle, education and population age mix. Macedonia provides dynamic opportunities for the Retail Market. The overall size of the Macedonia market is about 2,500,000 people- 69% of which is between 15 and 64 years of age. Also this is a growing European Market with 6% GDP average growth per year. And more and more people are interested in high end products. Macedonia provides dynamic opportunities for the Retail Market. The Watch and Jewelry market exceeded 200 euro million in sales last year.



technological Environment

In Macedonia, there are less opportunities of innovation are available due to the lack of research. However it also depends on the companies that how much they prefer the research and customer feedback. Keeping in view the target market, our company has to look for opportunities rather then wait for them. 4)-Legal and Political Environment There are no restrictions for the new entrants. Govt. is supporting us by providing exemption of sales tax for 2 years to show their commitment towards welcoming new investment.



economic environment

In ex-communist countries, a large part of the income of people is spent on the basic needs, so it’s the most sensitive environment where the income level is low, middleclass is shrinking, wealth distribution is unequal and saving rate is low. The people are either very rich or very poor. And their consumption behavior varies accordingly.